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Annual Halloween always touches souls and hearts of all residents of Eldarya. But only a few know what this feast hides. This secret may only be revealed by the wise leader of one of the Guards. Truth or fiction? What awaits main heroine in her pursuit of truth?


Ezarel's creepy Halloween stories 150 MB
Ezarel's creepy Halloween stories 153 MB
Ezarel's creepy Halloween stories 148 MB


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I can´t download this why? someone help ME, pLeAsE!?

Why I can`t download this?

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Awesome game! I wish there is one for nevra tho, either way i love so much your games ♥  I have a question: How can I get the first good ending? I got the truth good ending, but i can't get the other one :( (I'm sorry if there is any typos I am not a native english speaker)

Thank you for your kind words and please don't worry!^^ We suggest to try 2-2-1-3 :)

Will there be a mac version of this?

Hello! We're adding Mac version now~ However we have no chance to check it, so we hope it works properly!